Have you ever look outside at night and seen the stars? Well thats not all stars, there is many other objects beside the things that will call stars in the sky, like planets, comets, and astroids. You might mistake a planet for a star becsuse all they look like is a red giant (big star that is red).Whitch actulally they are a star that grows and becomes a red gaint it may or maynot exsplode like earth we used to be a star. But when we became a red gaint instead of exsploding we just lost all our energy and just started moving along our galexece till we found a star (sun) to give us heat. Like many other planets thats how we arrived in our solar system with other plants like Venus, Murcury, Mars, Jupiter,Sateran, Uranus, and Neptune.

Stars and many other objects are diffrent. Have you ever heard the saying "No two snowflakes are alike" well thats the same as stars and many other things that inhabit are solar system. Did you know that stars rotate around each other like our planet rotates the sun. Thats the whole point of the solar system it makes all the planets that are near it orbit around the sun.

The big dipper the little dipper that are made out of stars. Well I have some bad news for you, stars are always on the move so what we call the big dipper and the little dipper are soon going to shease to exsit. People who live in the future would probally laff if we told them about our soylar system, because it's hard to belive in something that you never seen. So don't be worryed if you were born after Pluto was decided not to be a planet. It just means that things changed.